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NFC Technology In 2012 -Moving Ahead

With the availability of more NFC enabled devices today, and many more models slated for release this year, NFC technology (Near Field Communication) is seeing an increase in application development and availability in NFC management software. Solution developers have deployed a number NFC applications built for not only for ticketing and payments, but as well for social media, gaming, advertising, loyalty, access control and healthcare. Online companies like FourSquare and PayPal Mobile have already introduced NFC capabilities inside their mobile apps among other well known brands.

An increase in global media coverage has now put NFC technology into mainstream circles and gaining popularity with many industry leaders who see the multiple benefits of “Near Field Communications” in consumer and commercial  applications. Looking at the members list on the official NFC Forum site today shows a large number of international companies who are heavy hitters globally that deal in finance, electronics, payment processing, computer hardware, etc.

The opportunities are abound… and many startups are now developing NFC solutions that can address new marketing ideas, localized consumer targeting, logistics, inventory control, and the ease to share information, those being only a few opportunities waiting to be implemented or exploited? Data information, privacy issues, inter-operable ecosystems, security issues, and other aspects come to the table in regards to exploitation as hackers are always game for a new challenge. Data encryption, technical specifications and certification are the key elements that will help NFC technology overcome many of the aforementioned exploitation issues.

Not to miss this year is our favorite NFC related event,  WIMA,  a forerunner in showcasing how NFC technology innovations and applications can be applied to a multitude of services and products. WIMA has been a pivotal point in presenting NFC business issues, solutions, by bringing together a broad base of industry players dedicated to NFC implementation.Besides being an excellent networking opportunity, WIMA delivers an exceptional platform for developers to show off their working designs and applications.

2012 will be an ever increasing shift towards a higher visibility in NFC enabled tags at large events like London`s 2012 Olympic Games, open air venues like stadiums, fast food spots, convenience stores, cabs and many other retail locations that accept NFC enabled mobile payments. NFC soon to be a household name? Absolutely… Rome was not built in a day 😉

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