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NFC Forum Release N-Mark Brand Guide

The NFC Fourum has released a .pdf file in regards to its guidelines on the proper usage of the N-Mark and in design.

N-Mark Guidelines

N-Mark Guidelines

The importance of an internationally recognized universal symbol for NFC
technology, as the NFC Forum writes in this guide

Use of the N-Mark will help advance the
acceptance of NFC short-range wireless
interaction between consumer electronics,
mobile devices, personal computers,
electrical appliances, and NFC-compatible
tags. This guide was created by the NFC
Forum, a nonprofit industry association
formed to advance the use of NFC
technology, to help N-Mark licensees
understand how to use the N-Mark
properly in all of these roles.

The N-Mark enables people to easily identify NFC-enabled devices
and touchpoints, providing nearly effortless access to the full
power, ease and convenience of NFC solutions.

A stylized letter “N,” it has two uses:

  • The NFC Forum N-Mark lets consumers know that NFC services are available on mobile devices and other consumer electronics, as well as smart posters, signs, badges, labels, etc. It indicates where to touch to enable NFC services.
  • The N-Mark on a display screen, digital media, product packaging, or product or service promotional material indicates that the particular software, product, or service has NFC capabilities.


Read the N-Mark Brand Guide Here

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