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NFC Mobile Payment Platform – White Label Solution

If you are a bank or major retailer then it is quite possible that you are informing yourselves now about mobile payment options and how you can benefit from them.

NFC technology mobile payment platforms are now becoming reality and now there is a white label solution soon to be available from Paydiant Inc. for both retailers and banks alike.

Paydiant’s cloud-based, white label mobile wallet and payment solution enables banks, retailers, and processors to deploy a branded contactless mobile wallet, mobile payment and cash access platform without involving new intermediaries, while preserving the opportunity to create new revenue streams from highly targeted mobile ads and offers.

Paydiants NFC technology mobile payment solution works with existing PIN debit, credit, signature debit, and prepaid cards. Paydiant platform is currently in production with a number of pilots including leading issuers, networks, acquirers, retailers, banks, and credit unions.

Already, a major banking technology payment and processing provider  FIS™ (NYSE: FIS) has partnered with Paydiant…

FIS selects Paydiant to launch smartphone payments at the point-of-sale and for secure online shopping

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan. 26, 2012 – FIS™ (NYSE: FIS), the world’s largest provider of banking and payments technology, today announced an innovative mobile payments solution that allows consumers to use most smartphones to make purchases at the point-of-sale (POS) and for online shopping. This cloud-based payment solution is adaptable and secure, requiring only downloadable applications for both consumers and retailers. Importantly, the mobile payments solution can be built into retailers’ and financial institutions’ existing mobile applications, preserving brand equity and strengthening customer loyalty.

The FIS Mobile Wallet provides consumers with another option to electronically pay for goods and services. Consumers with smartphones download an application offered by their financial institution or retailer, attach their payment card information and then use the solution to make a purchase. The FIS Mobile Wallet is also uniquely secure since no payment credentials (e.g., card numbers or PINs) are provided to the POS device or stored on the smartphone, providing consumers with peace of mind that their information is private and transactions are safe.


To find out more about Paydiants white label mobile payment solutions, Click Here


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