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Securing Your NFC Online Presence

NFC technology in 2013 has seen tremendous growth in mainstream adaptation and with that growth it brings with it new players to the field, who each want to be #1 in their field.

As with any business today, a strong online presence is necessary and to have a website that has a descriptive domain name. Descriptive, generic, NFC technology keywords are important signal to search engines of what your site is about, the services you offer and the products you produce. Such examples would be this site,, or other descriptive names like NFCapplications, NFCbilling, NFCelectronics, NFChealthcare, NFClocks, NFCmedia, NFCmarketing, NFCprogram, NFCopensource

All internet search engine algorithms are based on keywords, especially in relation to the domain name. Ensuring that you are targeting the correct keywords, strategic places including page titles, page content, anchor text, alt text, image names, domain names and urls are imperative for your site to show up in the organic search results from popular search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

NFC relevant keywords found within your website used in search queries will show up bold in the search engine results, further drawing the searcher’s eye to your keyword rich domain name. More examples like PosterTags, ReadOnlyTags, SharedTag, RegionalTags, TagAdministration, TagManagement, TagCMS, TagReporting, TagStorage are all strong domain names describing exactly what content can be found at that domain names destination.

Prime example for a company who produces and sells NFC tags like TagAge could benefit by owning domain names like CreateNfcTags, CustomTagStickers, TagCreationTool, TagDistributor, TagProgramming, Type4Tags just for the typein traffic alone. One of the better known NFC tag suppliers website with an excellent, descriptive domain name that sells NFC tags and NFC hardware is

In regards to NFC products such as security or access control, a domain name like NfcLocks .com would be an excellent choice for a company such as Yale Locks, ASSA ABLOY, or Lockitron for example.

On Friday the 5th of April 2013,, the domain name industry magazine reported the sales of two NFC related domain name sales. ($2000) and ($3000) were both sold respectively to the very same buyer, Data Interface Inc. located in New York.

The domain name reseller DomainCompound is a very good example of where to look for prime, generic domain names for NFC/Near Field Communication technology. Some of the domain names that were mentioned previously in this article can be found in their extensive NFC portfolio, covering all aspects of NFC technology and related services, products and development of NFC relevant keyword terms. To view Domain Compounds NFC domain name portfolio follow this link;

The bottom line is that a good NFC technology domain name can go a long way toward generating traffic to your companies Web site and building your reputation. That, in turn, will result in more customers and more sales.

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