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X No Longer Marks The Spot

Throughout the ages, X always marked the spot for a pirates treasure waiting to be found. As NFC technology gets underway and builds popularity amongst consumers, the NFC “N” mark / symbol will soon become the destination where consumers will identify as a touchpoint that is NFC enabled.

The treasures to be found inside a NFC tag are numerous and the content will vary according to the data that the tag issuer wants to deliver. From simple url`s, product information, discounts and coupon codes, and contactles payments,  the “N” symbol will soon be our new “X”.

The “N” mark is the official symbol for consumers to identify NFC enabled devices and tags.

N symbol

The “N” symbol will be found on parking meters, smart posters, home electronics, point of sales, and many other products and services.

To find out more about the “N” symbol on its uses and technical specifications follow the link below to the NFC Forums trademarked logo. NFC Brand Guide


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