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NFC Magazine » Featured, Press Release » Connecthings « Tags » Barcelona and the Mobile World Congress

Connecthings « Tags » Barcelona and the Mobile World Congress

Connecthings « Tags » Barcelona and the Mobile World Congress

The city of Barcelona and the Mobile World Congress leverage the platform and the expertise of Connecthings, the European leader for contactless NFC services

Paris, February 20th. On the occasion of the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s premier mobile industry event taking place in Barcelona from February 25th to 28th, Connecthings launches a panel of NFC services (Near Field Communication) within the Catalan capital. Smart access points are installed throughout the city, the airport, hotels and at the heart of the event for the “NFC Experience”, allowing to access dynamic and contextualized services.

To make this new experience possible, Connecthings builds on its AdTagTM platform, a tag and contactless services management solution with unique capabilities. This cloud-based tool allows to optimally and dynamically deliver a wide range of mobiles services on every type of NFC handset: contextualized pages, campaign management, analytics tools and, since the latest release, couponing features. The Connecthings’ platform will be showcased in the NFC Centre (NFC Pod 3) of the MWC.

The GSMA, which produces Mobile World Congress, and the city of Barcelona selected Connecthings to provide and deploy a reliable system available to the visitors and attendees. The services launched by Connecthings comprise Smart Posters displayed throughout the venue and at the airport as well as a NFC touristic trail linking 9 major city sites. This “NFC Experience” strengthens Connecthings leadership whose know-how and AdTAgTM platform performance are unrivalled in Europe.

“The mobile media plays a major role in Barcelona. With Connecthings approach, we are now directly connected with our visitors, where and when it is most relevant to them” declares Anna Majo Crespo, Director of Strategic Sectors and Innovation at Barcelona City Council. “Tags at the airport allow us to emphasize the set of practical services provided to the congress attendees upon their immediate arrival. The city is really enthusiastic and is delighted to collaborate with Connecthings.”

“We are delighted to see such a deployment of NFC services on the most important mobile event and in its hometown, Barcelona. It’s a strong signal for us! This experience as well as the various deployments we are making in Smart Cities such as Paris, Madrid, Nice or Rio are all evidence that information must now be instantly available, customized and contextualized in order to meet users’ immediate needs”, concludes Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO and founder of Connecthings.

Meet Connecthings at the MWC from February 25th to 28th in the “NFC Centre”

About Connecthings

Connecthings is the European leader in NFC tag management system with services operating in 16 cities on 2 continents. Connecthings cloud based platform allows to manage tags’ life cycle and their associated contextualized services and applications: proximity services, mapping, coupons and e-ticketing, interactions with mobile apps, etc. Connecthings is based in London, Paris and Madrid.

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