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NFC Magazine » Press Release » Identive First to Offer Transponders for All Four NFC Tag Types Globally

Identive First to Offer Transponders for All Four NFC Tag Types Globally

TOKYO, Mar 4, 2012 (Press Release) — Identive Group, Inc. INVE (frankfurt:INV), a provider of products, services and solutions for the identification, security and RFID industries, today announced a new line of near field communication (NFC) transponder products based on Sony Corporation’s FeliCa Lite chip technology. The announcement coincides with the NFC and Smart World Conference in Tokyo this week, where Identive will be previewing its new FeliCa Lite designs for NFC Forum Type 3 engineered inlays for tag and label applications as well as its ultra-thin SmartCore(TM) technology for card applications.

Sony’s FeliCa Lite technology is designed to offer a lower cost alternative to conventional FeliCa chips thanks to a compact and energy saving design, streamlined security features and an optimized simple file system, making it ideal for high-volume NFC applications where cost is critical. FeliCa Lite is backward-compatible within FeliCa environments.

“FeliCa contactless technology has been widely deployed in Japan and several other Asian countries for many years for public transportation, customer loyalty programs and payment applications, and there is a growing need for NFC infrastructure products to capitalize on and expand this success,” said Shunichi Fujii, President of Identive Japan.

Scott Austin, Vice President International Sales of Identive’s Transponder Division added: “Identive offers a full range of Type 1, 2 and 4 NFC products including tags, labels, cards and other products for the commercial and consumer markets. We plan to expand our smart FeliCa Lite offerings to include smart tag, sticker and label offerings in the near future. We are pleased to be expanding our range of NFC designs to include the highly respected FeliCa technology from Sony and to strengthen Identive’s NFC transponder offering with an important technology that is in demand by our customers and NFC developers worldwide. We are particularly pleased to be the first company to offer a wide range of designs for all fours types of NFC tags globally,”

About Identive Group

Identive Group, Inc. INVE  (frankfurt:INV) is focused on building the world’s signature company in Secure ID. The company’s products, software, systems and services address the markets for identity management, physical and logical access control, NFC and a host of RFID-enabled applications for customers in the government, enterprise, consumer, education, healthcare and transportation sectors. Identive’s mission is to build a lasting business of scale and technology based on a combination of strong technology-driven organic growth and disciplined acquisitive expansion. For additional info visit: .

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