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NFC Mobile Payment Platform Launch

Helixion, the NFC mobile payment specialists, has today announced the launch of its lok-MPL mobile payments platform.
lok-MPL is a complete multi-scheme application platform for mobile NFC payments. Already in use by 12 major banks
and financial institutions throughout Europe, the lok-MPL platform is the first to enable the creation of mobile
payment applications that operate across any digital wallet, any payment scheme, any phone and any secure element.

“The NFC mobile payments is set to explode over the next few years. Financial services companies and mobile network
operators are extremely keen to be able to monetise NFC mobile payment services. We believe that the official launch
of the lok-MPL is a step forward for the marketplace delivering tangible benefits for businesses looking to move their
mobile payment strategies forward,” said Sue Balatoni, Managing Director at Helixion.

The lok-MPL platform is backed by comprehensive consultancy and support services to ensure banks, mobile network providers
and third party solutions providers can maximise their investment in NFC mobile payment applications. After extensive
testing and piloting with major European banks and network operators, there will be a series of commercial roll-outs of
lok-MPL based mobile payment applications throughout 2013.

Designed to facilitate rapid and smooth development of NFC-based mobile payment and wallet solutions, lok-MPL can also be
used as the basis for loyalty and ticketing schemes.

About lok-MPL

Supporting Mastercard and Visa payments, lok-MPL is a comprehensive platform to enable mobile contactless payment
applications to be developed rapidly and cost-effectively. It works on the “Any Wallet – Any Payment Scheme –
Any Phone – Any Secure Element” principle:

Any Wallet: lok-MPL is a complete, generic NFC mobile payment platform that can be easily
integrated into any wallet construct.
Any Payment Scheme: lok-MPL is designed to hide application complexity by incorporating the business logic of payment schemes
within the platform. Current support covers Visa and Mastercard.
Any Phone: lok-MPL exists in two core forms: Java and C. This allows for a wide range of
mobile phone brands and operating systems to be supported in a  common way.
Any Secure Element: lok-MPL abstracts the secure element away from the core business logic allowing different secure
elements to be supported easily.

lok-MPL allows new NFC payment applications to be developed and fully tested in weeks rather
than months and mobile devices ported to the new application in days rather than weeks.

About Helixion Ltd

Helixion provides world-leading NFC mobile payment expertise to any business seeking to bring new mobile
payment and wallet solutions to market. The company’s range of payment application platforms and tools
support the business strategy of any organisation delivering mobile payment products and services to market
more rapidly, allowing customers to unify the payment experience across “Any Wallet – Any Payment Scheme –
Any Phone – Any Secure Element”.

For more information and photography, please contact:

Kirstie Lamont
The Garret
Tel: +44 (0) 207 703 4783

Sue Balatoni
Tel: +44 (0) 131 225 2020

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