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Securing Your NFC Online Presence

NFC technology in 2013 has seen tremendous growth in mainstream adaptation and with that growth it brings with it new players to the field, who each want to be #1 in their field. As with any business today, a strong online presence is necessary and to have a website that has a descriptive domain name. Descriptive, generic, NFC technology keywords are important signal to search engines of what your site is about, the services you offer and the products you produce. Such examples would be this site,, or other descriptive names like NFCapplications, NFCbilling, NFCelectronics, NFChealthcare, NFClocks, NFCmedia, NFCmarketing, NFCprogram, NFCopensource… All internet search engine algorithms are based on keywords, especially in relation to the domain name. Ensuring that you are targeting the correct keywords, strategic places including page titles, page … Read entire article »

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500 New “NFC” Domain Names Registered

As NFC technology starts trending, there has been quite a bit of speculation from domain name investors lately. Last week there were 537 “NFC” related domain names registered @ From reading through this list, you will see that many of the newly registered domains make no sense what so ever. This leads me to believe that they were not registered by hand, but by a program inserting dictionary words and popular keywords. There are quite a few longtail names which include 2-3-4 words and “NFC” that do make sense, but I see no value in many of them. Mostly noted in this list is the absence of the “N” mark symbol domain names, most likely because of the trademark issues that might occur. … Read entire article »

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NFC Technology Hot Subject With Internet Domainers

Internet domain name discussion forum NamePros has a hot thread going on about recently registered NFC technology related domain names and their thoughts about how we will in the future touch, tap, bump, pop, wave, swipe and maybe grind with our NFC enabled mobile devices. From iWallets to PoPayMe, TapHer, TagHim, .coms , .orgs , eu .info and .nets…and many, many ccTLD`S (country code domains) these domain name investors have been registering thousands upon thousands of NFC technology related domains. Each hoping that their $10 dollar fee to register these domains is an investment that will reap high rewards once NFC becomes more mainstream and globalized. The thread is interesting and you might even have a few laughs or get a few ideas from it…nonetheless, NFC is emerging! NFC Tech / Mobile … Read entire article »

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