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Stanford Students Busy Applying NFC Technology

Stanford students at MobiSocial Research and development group have put together a nice presentation introducing 5 various applications using NFC technology and their open source software Junction. Enjoy watching this video 😉   … Read entire article »

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Wired Magazine Publishes Hardcopy NFC Enabled Advertisement

NEW YORK, Mar 20, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — WIRED today announced that the first-ever magazine advertisement utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC) technology will appear in its April issue (on newsstands 3/20). Readers who own NFC-enabled Android smartphones can launch a mobile website allowing them to test-drive the new Lexus Enform with Safety Connect, Lexus’ in-car navigation and information service by simply placing their phone near the ad. Once the NFC advertisement is activated, the user can explore the mobile website’s interactive videos that demonstrate Enform’s capabilities. “WIRED introducing the first NFC-enabled ad could only be made possible by bringing together the creative minds at Lexus with our reputation for pushing the envelope with emerging technologies and ideas,” said WIRED VP and Publisher Howard Mittman. “The WIRED world moves at an extraordinary … Read entire article »

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UK Media Company “Smart Posters Ltd” Launch Range Of NFC Products

Egham, Surrey – 20 March 2012 Smart Poster Ltd has this week revealed a brand new range of Smart Stickers featuring NFC technology – doubling their NFC product offering following the launch of the Enlighten Smart Poster last year. The revolutionary Smart Sticker range was rolled out at the Retail Business Technology Expo at London’s Earls Court in collaboration with sign manufacturer Signbox – demonstrating new proximity marketing opportunities to the retail and leisure sector. Smart Stickers are an all-new NFC proximity marketing application that is presenting business with a fresh and intuitive way to engage with smartphone users. Manufactured from durable polyester film, Smart Stickers can be attached to shop windows or doors for an eye-catching ‘call to action’ to engage consumers. The sticker’s NFC tag can be packed with information, which … Read entire article »

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Disappointed? Latest Apple iPad Minus NFC

Apple released their latest iPad today boasting a high definition screen, doubling the pixels from the previous version iPad2. Now the new iPad comes with a 2047 x 1536 resolution, a faster processor, and an improved camera… Not ground breaking for Apple in my view. The tablet market is booming right now and there is a lot of competition that are right on the heels of Apple. How far is Apple now with releasing an NFC enabled device? Will the next iPhone include NFC technology or will we see just added improvements like we saw today with the new iPad? Innovation and implementation is necessary to compete in todays electronic device market, especially with mobile devices such as smartphones & tablets. We saw many examples of new NFC enabled devices this year … Read entire article »

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NFC Technology In Cars – Personalized Dashboard Via Near Field Communication

HARMAN Introduces the Personalized Dashboard at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show GENEVA, Mar 06, 2012 – Imagine a car that automatically adjusts to every driver’s tastes and preferences, harnesses a universe of personalized entertainment and information from the web, and makes your drive time easier, safer, and more productive by learning your driving routes and habits. Imagine all these capabilities available to a driver without the need to turn a dial, touch a screen, or even utter a word. This vision of a personalized, context-aware driving experience is brought to life by HARMAN, the leading provider of premium infotainment and audio solutions, through revolutionary customizable infotainment technologies on-board the DOCK+GO concept vehicle. Developed in partnership with automaker Rinspeed, the DOCK+GO mobility concept delivers a personalized interface between the driver, the car, and the … Read entire article »

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