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NFC Magazine » Entries tagged with "NFC Magazine" Celebrating 6 Years Of Following NFC Technology is now celebrating its 6th year online! We have been the first online magazine dedicated to Near Field Technology, since 2006 reporting on trends, news and information. Bookmark us, join in the comments, and stay atop of NFC Technology news! … Read entire article »

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NFC Technology Stock Prices

NFC Magazine has launched a live stock ticker featuring the leading NFC technology related companies, including international stocks from multiple markets. To stay up to date on the latest NFC technology stocks … Read entire article »

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NFC Magazine Goes Mobile

NFC Magazine is now available on your mobile device. Visit on your handset or tablet/iPad and add our app! … Read entire article »

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NFC Technology In 2012 -Moving Ahead

With the availability of more NFC enabled devices today, and many more models slated for release this year, NFC technology (Near Field Communication) is seeing an increase in application development and availability in NFC management software. Solution developers have deployed a number NFC applications built for not only for ticketing and payments, but as well for social media, gaming, advertising, loyalty, access control and healthcare. Online companies like FourSquare and PayPal Mobile have already introduced NFC capabilities inside their mobile apps among other well known brands. An increase in global media coverage has now put NFC technology into mainstream circles and gaining popularity with many industry leaders who see the multiple benefits of “Near Field Communications” in consumer and commercial  applications. Looking at the members list on the official NFC Forum site today shows a large … Read entire article »

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NFC Magazine Is Back Online

NFC Magazine is back publishing! We are back and have moved over to a new content management system after the old site was destroyed by unscrupulous hackers.The bits and pieces that were left after the hack left us with no alternative then to temporarily close the site down. Although our database was compromised, much of it was left still intact and now it is only a matter of time until we are back on top as “your” favorite NFC technology news agent. Created in 2006, NFC Magazine was the very first dedicated news site for NFC technology  on the internet.  With that being said, expect daily updates and in depth articles related to everything “NFC” on a regular basis now. Near Field Communications technology implementation is growing by leaps and bounds and … Read entire article »

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